On Wednesday, August 29th, Steve Hayes, President of Americans For Fair Taxation, was the guest of The FAIRtax Guys on FAIRtax Power Radio. FTPR is broadcast as digital TV every Wednesday at 11:30 AM (ET) on facebook.com/fairtax and xcluded.tv and as a podcast every Friday morning on Spreaker, iTunes and iHeart Radio.

After the Wednesday broadcast, we held a Meet & Greet for Steve Hayes so people could ask him directly their questions about the FAIRtax. About 40 people attended and enjoyed a lively and informative discussion.

As a bonus, Allen Moss brought his FAIRtax Hot Rod, a ’32 Ford Pickup, to the event.

Many thanks to Steve for devoting the day to us, to Allen for bringing his amazing car and to Tony & Sherrie McKnight, owners of Big Daddy Studios from which FTPR is broadcast.

When you host an event to promote the FAIRtax, please let us know and we’ll post it on this website.