FAIRtax Power Radio/TV at Oklahoma State University

At the invitation of Jade Walle, a CPA from Colorado, Alumnus of Oklahoma State University and the Presenter of the quarterly FAIRtax Webinar, The FAIRtax Guys joined him in a Practicum offered to graduate level CPA students at OSU.  On May 24, 2019, The FAIRtax Guys, Bob Paxton and Ron Maiellaro, conducted a two hour question and answer session with 24 students. 

Mr. Walle and his co-presenter, Arron Lawson, were invited by Sarah Johnson, professor at the School of Accounting at OSU, to present this Practicum to her students.  Mr. Walle has been involved in this Practicum for several years and has become quite an expert on the FAIRtax.

The FAIRtax Guys interviewed Jade Walle several times previously on FAIRtax Power Radio.  After last year’s Practicum, he offered to have Bob and Ron conduct a question and answer period as part of the course this year.  Jade and Arron spent time, prior to the arrival of The FAIRtax Guys, explaining the basics of the FAIRtax.

The discussion was wide ranging with questions about the Prebate, the complexity of the FAIRtax compared to the current tax law, its effects on the costs of health care and the possibility of putting tax professionals and IRS employees out of work.

The FAIRtax Guys, accompanied by their able producer, Elaine Maiellaro, video recorded the two hour session which will be available to everyone in episodes #163 and #164 of FAIRtax Power Radio/TV.  These episodes will be live streamed to Facebook (facebook.com/fairtax) and YouTube on The FAIRtax Guys Channel (http://bit.ly/1PZUFVU),  After live streaming, they can be found at those sites as well as The FAIRtax Guys own website: fairtaxguys.com

You will find these episodes interesting since the students, being new to the FAIRtax, asked a number of questions that are typically asked at other public presentations.  You can send questions and/or comments to [email protected]