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Support for the FAIRtax helps
January 29, 2019 09:15 AM Eastern Standard Time

OCALA, Fla.–(Business Wire)–As predictable from past elections the four incumbent Florida U.S. Representatives that co-sponsor the FAIRtax were all re-elected. They are Matt Gaetz, District 1; Ted Yoho, District 3; Bill Posey, District 8 and Gus Bilirakis, District 12. The newly elected Michael Waltz, District 3 Representative, replaces Ron DeSantis and has signed a FAIRtax pledge. Florida Senator Rick Scott has indications of becoming a co-sponsor and Marco Rubio has yet to fulfill his co-sponsor campaign promise.
FAIRtax wins elections. #TrueTaxReform #FAIRtax. The people who understand the FAIRtax demand it. America’s

Elected Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, was a FAIRtax co-sponsor during his three terms as the District 3 Representative. During the campaign an opponent attacked DeSantis with false and misleading TV and mailer advertisements about the FAIRtax and accusing DeSantis of being a Washington insider. This deceitful action back fired as it eroded the credibility of the candidate, activated the informed FAIRtax voter base and helped lift DeSantis to become elected.

Per Steve Hayes, President of Americans for Fair Taxation, “One political consultant told me that the social media comments were the most negative for any candidate’s ad that he had ever seen. Almost all of the comments were pointing out untruths in the ads and switching support to Mr. DeSantis. The attack ads were driving people away from the opponent and to DeSantis.”

The 116th Congress is new, starts with a clean slate and the process of re-introducing legislation and co-sponsor signups. The 27 Representatives and 2 Senators from Florida have a decision to follow or ignore the leadership of the Florida legislature official policy as declared in the Florida FAIRtax Memorial, SM-118 to pass the FAIRtax bill. The 2019 ACTION Plan for the Florida FAIR Tax Educational Association is to activate fifty nine thousand Floridians to make requests to their Representative and Senators to co-sponsor the FAIRtax. The association will continue to build the “grass roots” with education and information about the many problems due to the income/payroll tax system enabled by the 16th Amendment. The solution is the FAIRtax that empowers all legal residents to determine with their spending when and how much they pay in federal taxes and their effective tax rate. The FAIRtax ensures that our economy will continue to prosper and our children and grandchildren will have the opportunity that we wish for all Americans.