I.R.S. Revelations from A Retired Agent About Fair Taxes

I.R.S. agent Todd Hilgefort retired with 27 years experience, 10 years with the Exempt Organizations Unit and 17 years with the Employee Plans Unit. Todd graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and major in Accounting. His major duties involved plan approvals, exempt status, penalties, field work and audits.

When Todd joined the I.R.S. in 1975, he was impressed with the number of the people with degrees in law and accounting, master’s degrees and CPA Certificates. They had to interpret and apply numerous complex statutes, regulations, and revenue rulings, and they, for the most part, did a good job.

The people working at the I.R.S. have changed drastically and now you increasingly see both managers and I.R.S. agents who don’t have degrees in accounting and some are high school graduates who have obtained 15 credit hours in accounting. The federal tax code is over 76,000 pages. Growth and change continue as to date the 116th Congress has proposed 1,994 tax code changes. Even though, these employees are well-intentioned, it is very difficult for them to deal with the increased complexity of the income/payroll tax system and ensure it is administered in a fair and equitable way.

As an I.R.S. agent, Todd knows firsthand how ridiculous and complicated our income/payroll tax system is. He heard about the FAIRtax and went to Fairtax.org. The more he discovered and learned the more convinced he became that the FAIRtax was the common sense answer to how to collect federal taxes.

Todd believes, “That only a corrupt or uninformed politician would refuse to support the FAIRtax. We have way too many such career politicians in office now. We, our children and our grandchildren all deserve better.”

Steve Hayes, President of Americans for FAIR Taxation states, “The FAIRtax bill HR 25 now in the House Ways and Means Committee would be the greatest transfer of power from the government back to the people ever. It would do more to stimulate the American economy and create American jobs than any other piece of legislation in history. It would truly make taxes fair again.”

Here is a short video on the FAIRtax:

Learn more, view the videos, contribute and join the all volunteer organization at Fairtax.org.
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