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JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Nov. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tax evasion solution to fund Social Security and Medicate as reported by the Florida FAIRtax Educational Association.

The 2023 Social Security Trustees Report reported:

In April of 2021, Charles Rettig, former IRS Commissioner, admitted what everyone paying attention already knew–there is at least $1 trillion of income tax that is illegally evaded each year.

Quoting Steve Hayes, President of Americans for Fair Taxation, “Nobody likes a cheat or a free loader. This $1 trillion of evaded income taxes actually costs the Social Security Trust Fund over $1.5 trillion of contributions each year. This additional money would make Social Security and Medicare solvent for many more years. 

The FAIRtax Act of 2023, HR 25 eliminates most of the tax evasion and funds Social Security and Medicare through a national retail sales tax. The bill includes a “Prebate”, a monthly payment per legal resident for the FAIRtax paid up to subsistence level spending. The “Prebate” disarms the sales tax critics. This refund is of the most help to the impoverished, is the only tax break and replaces the standard/itemized income tax deduction.”

Why FAIRtax reduces income tax evasion and increases revenue:

The FAIRtax will ensure the future solvency of Social Security and Medicare:

Learn more about the truth in taxation at View the two-minute videos of “How it works” followed by the “Prebate”.

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Florida Fair Tax Educational Association is a 501(c) (3) to inform and educate the citizens on alternatives to the current system of federal taxation based on the following principles: fairness, simplicity, transparency, pro-economic growth and revenue neutrality.

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